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Grúas Tomás S.L. has this versatile crane available, its characteristics are so unique in the Spanish market that is capable to perform the most complex operations. Its lifting capacity is 220 tons. Its height is 54 meters. Being able to articulate with the jib to 30 m of height and extending to the interior of 24 m.

It can be installed on a truck with four axles. This allows it to work in very small locations. Once fixed, it can extend the articulated crane and give truly incredible solutions.

The crane has an aerial personnel that fulfilling all the safety requirements marked by the European guidelines is able to lift the platform up to 54 m.

Nowadays it performs different maintenance tasks in large industries, such as petrochemicals, refineries, power and hydraulic plants, combined cycle, solar thermal, assembly of large elements for civil engineering and building projects, as well as wind farms and ports.

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grua articulada 2200
grua articulada 2200

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